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Sakima (Green) Brown is a Poughkeepsie native.  From her earliest years she has always set the goal of service.  Her parents, Dazell and Lorraine Green, taught her to dream big and then make it happen.  In the Third Grade Sakima set herself the goal of attending the nearby US Military Academy.  From that moment she dreamed big and refused to settle for less.

She Graduated from West Point with the Class of 1998.  From her time at The Point through her Eleven year career as an Army Officer Sakima Brown forged a path for women to follow in US Military Leadership.  She served a combat tour in Iraq.  She managed the Army’s role in humanitarian relief in Central America.  She served in the Quartermaster’s Corps Fort Bragg, Fort Lee, and Fort Riley.  When she left active duty Sakima immediately joined the Veterans of Foreign Wars, where she serves today as Commander for the VFW ‘s 2nd District of New York.

After her Army tour Sakima Brown returned to her hometown.  There she founded a business and operated it for eight years.  During that time her focus became improving the educational experiences of her own daughters, Roshauna and Jordan, as well as all the other children of Poughkeepsie.  She served on the City’s School Board, finishing her tenure as its president.  These educational experiences drew her to school and family advocacy, where she could continue to work with young students and their parents to further improve their success rates in school.

Now Sakima has turned her attention to the Congress of the United States.  She is still dreaming the big dream of serving the people of her District and her Nation.  With her history of never settling for less Sakima Brown has become a resource for the citizens of the 18th District.  By helping her achieve her latest Big Dream you will be helping to realizing the dream of true representative government.