Dutchess County, NY
Looks to New Leadership in

Positions & Issues
Sakima is a Conservative Republican.  She is in Favor of Smaller Government that consumes less Operating Expense,Which Leaves More of Your hard-earned Money inYour Pocket.  Sakima seeks to reduce burdensome Regulation on Business, as well as reducing the Tax Burden placed on the economy.  She looks forward to seeing these policy changes from Government result in a period of prolonged growth and Prosperity for all Americans.
  1. Saving Our Cities
    Economic Growth is the Key to solving many of the problems facing our nation today. Government can help by fostering an environment of Growth for the Private Sector. Citizens have to pitch-in, too! Education begins at home and then is augmented by public schools. The Work Ethic must once again become part of our Social Ethos - and Government can't do that. Only You and I can.

Saving Our Economy

Businesses cannot function if they are overburdened with unnecessary Expense.  In recent years Government, at all levels, has sapped our Economy of its strength by diverting its capital to taxes and forced re-distribution.  Sakima stands with America's new President on the subject of liberating the economy for sustained growth by removing as many of the Burdens imposed by Government as we can.

Saving Our Communities

Only Leadership can save our Communities.  Economic Growth can provide the tools to rebuild but the desire and the willingness can only come from ordinary citizens making individual decisions to join in the process of Community.  Leadership to urge this change from the era of disparate identites starts at the top but it must also be present all the way down to the Precinct and even the Family Unit.  Sakima pledges to do her part to unify our District and our Nation so that the strength in numbers which has always been America can re-emerge in the coming years.